About Us

MSCC is a not for profit organisation with the sole aim of promoting sporting activity amongst various ethnic groups. At present the current members are predominantly originally from India, Pakistan and Australia. The vision for MSCC also incorporates promoting peace and harmony amongst various communities via promoting sporting activity. Our vision is also strategically aligned with the vision of the Government of South Australia for promoting an active lifestyle. The Office of Recreation & Sport is currently promoting "Active for Life" which is an initiative to keep all South Australians enjoy life enriched through participation in active recreation and sport.

The legal setup and administration of MSCC is very similar to that of any Not for Profit organisation where there is an Executive Team which is responsible for the day to day administration tasks of the club.

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Excutive Committee


Chaudhry, Faisal N


Vice President

Dumra, Pankaj



Bhatt, Grishm



Hashmi, Irfan